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NatVim (crawler, vertical search engine)

Technologies used: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Apache Solr, JavascriptTwitter Boostrap and various ruby gems. 
Started Development in 2015.
Mobile ready.

NatVim is an international vertical search engine, made using the Ruby on Rails framework in early 2015, for natural and alternative treatments to diseases, mainly based on herbs and medicinal plants. It also indexes content from internet on related topics.

Initially, the most supported country is Brazil and the Portuguese language. Update: English, Spanish and French languages are getting increasingly supported.

From the website: "NatVim stands for Natural Vim. NatVim functions as a vertical search engine for natural and alternative treatments for diseases, healthy recipes and other articles. Besides indexing content from all over the internet, it also allows the collaborative creation of treatments, recipes and articles by therapists and health professionals as well as other NatVim users all around the world."

For more information, check: and