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Recurrent Neural Network based control of an Oil Well

on Mon, 07/24/2017 - 11:09
TitleRecurrent Neural Network based control of an Oil Well
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2017
AuthorsJordanou JPanaioti, Antonelo EA, Camponogara E, de Aguiar MAurelio S
Conference NameXIII Brazilian Symposium on Intelligent Automation (SBAI)

Echo State Networks (ESN) are dynamical learning models composed of two parts: a recurrent network (reservoir) with fixed weights and a linear adaptive readout output layer. The output layer’s weights are learned for the ESN to reproduce temporal patterns usually by solving a least-squares problem. Such recurrent networks have shown promising results in previous applications to dynamic system identification and closed-loop control. This work applies an echo state network to control the bottom hole pressure of an oil well, whereby the opening of the production choke is manipulated. The controller utilizes a network to learn the plant inverse model, whose model input is the plant output and the vice-versa, and another network to compute the control action that induces a desired plant behavior. Despite the nonlinearities of the well model, the ESN effectively learned the inverse model and achieved near global setpoint tracking and disturbance rejection, with little setpoint deviation in the latter case. These results show that echo state networks are a viable tool for the control of complex dynamic systems by means of online inverse-model learning.

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