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If you desire to do your final project or Master thesis in Reservoir Computing and related applications (or in Machine learning/Neural networks), please feel free to contact me.

Current undergraduate students

  • Jean P. Jordanou. "Echo State Networks for Control of Dynamical Systems", 2016.

Former Master thesis co-supervisions

  • Ken Caluwaerts. "Design of a biologically inspired navigation system for the Psikharpax rodent robot", 2010.
  • Dries Van Puymbroeck. "Robot Navigation and Localization using Reservoir Computing", 2009.
  • Tim Waegeman. "Modeling Multiple Behaviors with Reservoir Computing for Au- tonomous Mobile Robots", 2009.
  • Karel Braeckman. "Localization of a mobile robot using Reservoir Computing", 2008.
  • Stijn Adam. "Reservoir Computing for robotics",  2008.

Former undergraduate students

  • Marcelo Menezes Morato. "Controle um de Pêndulo Duplo Invertido com Redes de Estados de Eco", 2015.